Brandon is an experienced research consultant who has a focus on solving business problems through statistical analysis, business process automation and web application development. Making sense of data with R, Python and the web are his primary interests.

Brandon has a BComm in Economics and Management Science from Ryerson University. When not otherwise engaged in work, Brandon spends nearly all of his time on continuing education, tinkering with technology, and furthering his personal goal of becoming a polyglot. He also enjoys volunteering as a math and science tutor with Pathways to Education.

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Brandon Erik Bertelsen
Toronto, ON M5A 3X1
c: 647-287-1009
o: 647-722-0481
skype: brandon.bertelsen


This is not a blog. Lately, I've been feeling as though documenting my work, research, and ideas have become a largely painful activity with my thoughts spread across notebooks, blogs, text files, and buried in research papers. That ends here. The aim of this site is to create a static knowledge base of all the things I've been working on and processes I'm likely to forget, taking inspiration from Carl Boettiger.

Technical Details

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