Radial Plots with Plotly

Post by Brandon Bertelsen

r, visualization

How to make a radial plot without using radial coordinates with plotly. Let's load a few libraries and pull some sample data. Then do some preparation by adding data associated with turning the graphic into a circle. A trivial application of high school SOHCATTOA, and finally plot. Comments included at…

Multiple Container Docker Usage

Post by Brandon Bertelsen


What's wrong? Here are some ways that you can look at what's going on with your setup. docker logs <container_name> docker exec \ nginx-proxy cat \ /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf Multiple containers, one host jwilder/nginx-proxy automatically adds routing for multiple containers. Very handy. docker run -d…

Using get with Ghost Blogs

Post by Brandon Bertelsen


I love the concept of ghost and it's implementation, but, like many I dislike having to wait for what I see as rather basic features expected of a blogging platform. Thankfully the dev team over at Ghost has released a beta version of the public api, and it's surprisingly easy…

Load MySQL Database from Dump

Post by Brandon Bertelsen


In terminal... mysql -u root -p In mysql console... create database dbname; exit; Install pv if you don't have it. Gives you a progress bar. Very useful for larger data. pv structure.file | mysql -u root -p dbname pv data.file | mysql -u root -p dbname…


Post by Brandon Bertelsen

Python, IDE

Rodeo is to Python as RStudio is to R. It's a very new Python IDE that looks very promising. Installation is fairly straightforward, but does have some required packages. sudo apt-get install python-pip sudo apt-get install libxft-dev libfreetype6-dev sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib pip install jupyter # Download wget https://www.yhat.…