Brandon is an experienced research professional who has a focus on solving business problems through statistical analysis, business process automation and web application development. This website holds his notes, public analysis and how-to’s for things related to data science that he does not wish to forget.

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Who Are You

Contributer to the R wru package. Bayesian Prediction of Racial Category Using Surname and Geolocation.

arkdb R package

A convenient way to move data from large compressed text files into any DBI-compliant database connection, and move tables out of such databases into text files.


Crosstab, topline, and codebook creation in Excel and PDF for crunch and generic datasets in R.

A MVP for a financial event planning website. Uses VueJS, Django, and supports proof of concept for automatically screenshoting event landing pages. Supports login/out, adding forms, administration, approvals, and form validation.

This source code for this website.